CAT Order Pickers


CAT, known for its rugged construction and mining equipment, extends its reputation for durability and high performance to its line of order pickers. CAT’s range includes models such as the NO20NE series, which are designed for flexibility and efficiency in tight warehouse spaces. With their advanced AC technology, operators can expect smooth control and swift acceleration, making the pick process quicker and more efficient. The ergonomic design prioritizes operator comfort and safety, with features like low step height for easy entry and exit, and cushioned floors to reduce fatigue during long shifts.

Choosing a CAT order picker means investing in a piece of equipment that is built to last. These machines are designed with longevity in mind, ensuring that they can handle the demanding pace of warehouse operations. CAT’s global dealer network provides exceptional after-sales support and service, ensuring that any downtime is kept to a minimum. Additionally, CAT’s focus on technological advancements means that their order pickers are equipped with features that can help reduce operating costs, such as energy-efficient systems that can lower electricity consumption. For businesses looking for a reliable, efficient, and comfortable order picking solution, CAT order pickers represent a smart investment that can deliver a strong return over the machine’s lifespan.